Leaving on a Jet Plane: Hallo Deutschland!

See you later America...

In case you all hadn't heard me mention this news, on Friday I'm embarking on a pretty exciting adventure. I'm flying to Germany to live/travel there for almost 3 whole months! Woohoo!

Do I speak German? Nope! I know a few phrases, but I'm going to have to adjust quickly to get by. I'm staying with my boyfriend who is working over there temporarily and he is almost fluent in German after living there for a year and a half. So he will be giving me a crash course in some key German phrases when I arrive! While he is at work all day I will have to venture out on my own so I want to be able to do things like order food in German!

Photos from last year's trip to visit Grant in Germany!

Photos from last year's trip to visit Grant in Germany!

So I wanted to let you know my plans because I am going to be blogging a lot about life over there and our travel adventures. Get ready for lots of pretty pictures!

Our first travel adventure will be to Spain. Soon after I get there we are heading to a couple of amazing Spanish cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Nerja, Gibraltar, Tangier (Morocco!) by way of Tarifa, and Sevilla. I can't wait, because unlike my German language skills, I actually remember a lot of Spanish that I learned in school. So I'm excited to put it to use! Tapas and sangria, here I come!

Also, I'm hoping to connect with some other creatives on my travels, so if I'm coming to a European city near you, please let me know so we can meetup!

Bis spater America! (see you later!)
— Elaine