Reviving the Blog!

Hey there! 

It's been a million years since my last blog post. Okay, not a million, that's a hyperbole for ya ;) But seriously, a year and a half has gone by and a lot has changed. I would say some good and bad, but yoga is teaching me to try not to label things that way...they are what they are. And sometimes something that seems bad, happens to you, but the path it puts you on leads to lots of goodness.


Sometimes life doesn't go as you planned and trips get canceled, jobs are lost, and you question your life purpose. Those things happen and they can slow you down, but never let them stop you. I went through a bit of a rough patch in 2016 and 2017 but I finally feel like I'm getting my groove back and wanting to ramp up my art projects more this year. Someday I'll write about what I went through last year because I feel like it's important to be honest with the world and not always pretend like everything is peachy keen. So many people go through the same normal ups and downs as you, or have curveballs thrown at them, but you'll never know about it if no one says anything. There's so much comfort in knowing 'Hey I'm not the only one who experienced that and they got through it. I can too." 

So hopefully I'll get this blog up and running again too. There is a lot I want to write about in regards to design, social justice, what I'm up to, art, cats and whatever else I'm feelin'. I want to grow my writing skills so what better place than a blog! If you have any votes for which topics you'd like to hear me post about, let me know in the comments below.

Thanks and be well.
— Elaine