The Urge to Make Things

Hey everyone!

It means so much to me that you are here, reading my first blog post on my new site! If you don't know me, my name is Elaine and I'm an artist, designer and calligrapher from Atlanta, GA. I've been sharing my lettering journey of '100 Days of Lettering' over on my Instagram page, where you may have found me. The challenge is almost over, but I'm just getting please follow me! @Artsy_Elaine

Today is the launch day of my website which showcases my custom services: branding, graphic design, paintings, wedding bouquet paintings, lettering, and calligraphic paintings. I will also be launching my new Etsy shop on Monday, August 1st where I will be selling abstract, floral and calligraphic paintings that I've already created. Please stay tuned and I'd love for you to check it out once it's live!

In addition to graphic design, I wanted to get back to the thing that put me on this career path in the first place: my love of art. I've been painting, crafting and creating for as long as I can remember and I always knew I wanted a career involving art. That's why I chose graphic design, but I just can't get away from the urge I had to make things with my hands. I love how I feel when I create a physical work of art and I want to share that happiness and excitement with others who purchase my work. 

This reminds me of an essay I read in college by Leo Lionni titled "The Urge to Make Things." In it Leo Lionni describes his calling to make things with his hands and how he just cannot get away from it. He states: 

"Were I forbidden to paint and sculpt and draw, I would be content to make bricks, tiles or boxes, or any object I could make with my hands."

This is a powerful sentiment. It's not simply the act of making art he enjoyed, but using his hands as tools. I think this helps to explain why there has been such a surge in handmade arts and crafts lately. Computers are great and help immensely, but they are no substitute for hand drawn sketches, paintings and crafts. 

Creating is pretty addicting once you start...if you haven't made anything in awhile I encourage you to get out those paints, make a dinner from scratch or plant some flowers in your garden. You'll be happy you did!

Have a great week!